Media of Nebraska’s “Think F1rst” First Amendment Campaign picked up by over 30 states across America

MEDIA CONTACTS: Dennis DeRossett, NPA Executive Director – – 402-476-2851 AND Jim Timm, NBA President/Executive Director – – 402-933-5995

July 30, 2019, Lincoln, NE: Media of Nebraska’s “Think F1rst” public awareness campaign about the First Amendment of the United States Constitution is spreading across America. “Think F1rst” was designed to educate Americans about the five freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendment.

More than 30 state broadcast associations and state press associations asked their respective members to consider supporting the “Think F1rst” campaign on a pro bono basis. The campaign aired on radio and television stations, in newspapers, and the websites and social media platforms of those same entities that opt to carry the messages, from August 1 through December 31, 2019.

The original “Think F1rst” Nebraska campaign was created in 2018 after Media of Nebraska members noted polls showing that many Americans lacked even a basic knowledge of the First Amendment, particularly in articulating the five freedoms that it guarantees. In a civics survey taken by the Annenberg Public Policy Center, nearly 4 in 10 students couldn’t name even one of the five freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment. Media of Nebraska members worked together to outline a campaign to combat these disturbing statistics.

After “Think F1rst” debuted in Nebraska in 2018, the dedicated website attracted over 400,000 page views within 60 days. “The reality is, we aren’t really free if we don’t know what our freedoms are and don’t exercise them. Freedom is a mission of national importance. We’re proud to expand the opportunity to join this campaign to every state in our union,” said Ariel Roblin, Chairperson of the Nebraska Broadcasters Association and President/General Manager of KETV in Omaha.

The Media of Nebraska Steering Committee felt so strongly about the importance of this message that the respective foundations of the Nebraska Press Association and Nebraska Broadcasters Association agreed to pay for the new creative to be used across the country. Preserving the First Amendment became a joint effort.

The creative elements of the campaign were created by Clark Creative Group of Omaha, which also made an in-kind contribution to the production costs.

Fred Clark, President of Clark Creative Group said, “The creative approach for the Think F1rst campaign was a strong collaboration between Media of Nebraska and Clark Creative Group. We thought it was important to represent ‘We the people’ in this important campaign and we are thrilled to see ‘Think F1rst’ spreading across America.”

ABOUT MEDIA OF NEBRASKA: Media of Nebraska is a non-profit 501(c)(6) corporation that was formed in 1977 by members of the broadcast and print media to jointly pursue freedom of information through open meetings and public records as mandated by the statutes of Nebraska law. Our work is focused on supporting our member journalists’ task of serving as a watchdog for the citizens of Nebraska, by monitoring and acting on legislative matters that may impact freedom of information through state, county and municipal government entities and political subdivisions. We are a nonpolitical organization and make no contributions to the campaigns of any person running for any elected office nor to any organized parties that may support candidates for elected office. Media of Nebraska accepts no contributions from outside entities of any kind, relying solely on the annual dues paid by our broadcast and print members. 

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