Current version of “Public Notice: An American Tradition” pamphlet available – FREE DOWNLOAD

The Public Notice Resource Center distributed an updated (2019) version of “Public Notice: An American Tradition,” a heavily footnoted pamphlet tracing the origins of public notice and making the case that newspapers remain the essential vehicle for their distribution.

The four-color, 26-page primer also lists different types of notices published in local newspapers throughout the U.S. and begins with a two-page graphic summarizing the continuing need for newspaper notice. (The last version of this pamphlet was printed in 2007.)

The pamphlet attempts to reframe the debate over public notice. The issue isn’t newspapers versus the internet – it’s newspapers and newspaper websites versus government websites. And newspaper websites almost always generate significantly larger audiences than the websites of the cities and counties governing communities. To drive this point home, each (state) version of the pamphlet features a chart comparing the traffic generated by specific newspaper and government websites; most charts in the co-branded versions are customized by state.

With 75 footnotes included in the booklet, it also serves as a handy research tool for those who need more information on specific issues relating to official notice.