UPDATE: MobileMe&You Conference will now be virtual – October 22-23, 2021

The MobileMe& You Conference is happening next month, on Oct. 22-23!

However, due to the rising rates of the Delta COVID-19 variant and our concerns for everyone’s safety, we have decided to hold the conference virtually.

You will now be able to join us from anywhere in the world, and our adjusted ticket prices are $10 for students, $30 for University faculty or staff, and $50 for professionals.

We are honored to have15 speakers from top newsrooms and universities across the country headlining this year’s conference. 

All told there are 13 masterclass sessions in mobile journalism you won’t want to miss! 

MobileMe&You  is the only national conference for mobile and emerging media.

It is a platform to educate and engage industry professionals and students in the exploration of mobile media. 

The conference continually aims to disseminate best practices and innovative techniques to a diverse and media-connected audience.

Please register here to join us on Oct. 22 and 23.

Meanwhile, stay up to date on the most recent media news by following us on social media.

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Twitter: @mobilemeyou

Instagram: @mobilemeconference

Gary Kebbel
Brant Houston
Pam Dempsey