Additional ad sizes needed 

Effective May 23, 2022, network ads need to submitted in the following sizes:


3.79” wide x 2” tall • 3.22” wide x 2” tall • 3.222” wide x 2.35” tall


3.79” wide x 4” tall • 3.22” wide x 4” tall • 3.222” wide x 4.9” tall


3.79” wide x 6” tall • 3.22” wide x 6” tall • 3.222” wide x 7.45” tall

What is this?
It’s simple! You can advertise in newspapers and websites across Nebraska easily and cost-effectively, using our advertising networks through OnePress. Click on any of the following categories to find out pricing, availability, and how each one may work for you!

  • Statewide 2×2 Display Network For sending display (graphics/picture based) advertising of specific sizes to newspapers across the state of Nebraska.
  • Statewide Classified Network For placing classified ads of virtually any length, in newspapers across Nebraska.
  • Statewide Online Advertising Network To place an ad on 10+ Nebraska newspapers websites for 30 days run of site.

What could be simpler?
You can send your ad copy and/or your display ad to OnePress. Regardless of how you choose to use your promotions budget with us – whether you use a single network, or all three at the same time – the principle remains the same; ONE ORDER, ONE BILL.

 National Advertising Network

Please Note: The network information provided, including rates and newspaper information, is subject to change. To confirm the information provided is up-to-date as of today, please contact OnePress at 1-800-369-2850.