Increased attendance thanks to NPA!

I wanted to share with you how happy we are with the results of our advertising. The reach of our military veterans in agriculture program went no where last year. We tried some different things this year and going through NPA has worked the best!! We already have 26 people signed up before the mid February start date!

We love to see our advertising partners getting results!

Nebraska newspaper advertising is impactful. We place ads directly to more than 140 newspapers in the state through our unique 2×2 ad network.
✍️A couple of things to know:
📊 You can run different ad sizes in the network, from 2×2 (about a business card size) up to 2×6.
📣 FYI – 2 means the number of columns wide the ad will be. So your ad would be 2 columns wide by either 2″, 4″ or 6″ tall. For many of our clients, that the right amount of space to include an impactful graphic and call to action!
📰 Network ads run in community newspapers – which have an incredible shelf life! On average, 2.5 people read a single issue of a printed newspaper. And if you’re from a small(er) community in Nebraska, you’ll know that there is no bad position to be in a local newspaper!
⭐️ Some examples of ads that do well in the network include banks, auctions/real estate companies, hiring/help wanted for most industries, event promotion and more!


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  • Statewide 2×2 Display Network For sending display (graphics/picture based) advertising of specific sizes to newspapers across the state of Nebraska.
  • Statewide Classified Network For placing classified ads of virtually any length, in newspapers across Nebraska.

What could be simpler?
You can send your ad copy and/or your display ad to OnePress. Regardless of how you choose to use your promotions budget with us – whether you use a single network, or all three at the same time – the principle remains the same; ONE ORDER, ONE BILL.

 National Advertising Network

Please Note: The network information provided, including rates and newspaper information, is subject to change. To confirm the information provided is up-to-date as of today, please contact OnePress at 1-800-369-2850.