2022-23 NPA & NPAS/OnePress Committees

  • NPA President, Kevin Peterson, Wayne Herald
  • NPA Vice-President, Willis Mahannah, West Point
  • OnePress President, Vickie Hrabanek, Norfolk Daily News
  • OnePress Vice-President, Marcia Hora, Stapleton Enterprise

Convention Committee:

  • Amy Johnson, Springview (CHAIR)
  • Terrie Baker, Grand Island
  • Peggy Year, Hartington
  • Gerri Peterson, Mullen
  • Chris Rhoades, Blair
  • Carrie Colburn, York
  • Carrie Pitzer, Orchard/Neligh
  • Susan Watson (NPA)
  • Dennis DeRossett (NPA)

Responsible for over-all convention program and arrangements, although bulk of arrangements are typically delegated to NPA/NPAS staff. In particular, the committee provides input to help:

  1. Determine the topics and speakers for the Friday and Saturday general programs
  2. Determine the type of social activities to be provided and for such other convention features as may be deemed appropriate, within established framework.

Better Newspaper Contest Committee:

  • Mike Konz, Kearney (CHAIR)
  • Tory Duncan, Sutton
  • Mike Wendorff, Callaway
  • Jim Dickerson, Albion
  • Amy Johnson, Springview
  • Willis Mahannah, West Point
  • Dennis Morgan, Elgin
  • Nathan Arneal, North Bend
  • Carolyn Bowman (OnePress)

Maintain general supervision of the annual NPA Better Newspaper Contest, including a continuing review of the rules, manner of conduct, categories of competition and judging of the contest. Major changes shall be subject for review by the NPA Board.

Executive Committee:

  • Amy Johnson, Springview
  • Randy Sadd, Doniphan
  • Kevin Peterson, Wayne
  • Vickie Hrabanek, Norfolk
  • Terrie Baker, Grand Island
  • Nathan Arneal, North Bend

Review and make recommendations regarding annual budgets and appropriate formula for dues.

Legislative Committee:

  • Mark Rhoades, Blair
  • Peggy Year, Hartington
  • Tim Linscott, Fairbury
  • Willis Mahannah, West Point
  • John Erickson, Bridgeport

Monitor all state legislative activity affecting newspapers, advocate the Association’s position regarding such legislation, keep legislators informed of NPA’s positions and concerns, and inform the NPA membership of legislation affecting newspapers. The committee shall perform similar functions, to the extent practical, among the state’s congressional delegation regarding federal legislative matters affecting newspapers.  

NNA (Natl. Newspaper Assn.) Committee:

  • Russ & Lori Pankonin, Imperial
  • Dennis DeRossett (NPA/OnePress)

To serve the function of an instate liaison between NNA, NPA and individual publishers. To work with NNA in the delivery of services to Nebraska, the promotion of membership and marketing and to make sure that Nebraska has input on technical issues involving the NNA and its members.

Recruitment Committee:

  • Mike Edgecombe, Hebron
  • Mark Rhoades, Blair

Knowledgeable in Nebraska job availability and prospectives for college interns. Meet with and recruit college students and graduates.

Newspapers in Education:

  • Kevin Zadina, Seward

Plan, arrange and carry out ideas to help promote newspapers in the educational community.

Technology & Internet Committee:

  • Kurt Johnson, Aurora
  • Rob Dump, Hartington
  • Darran Fowler, Hastings
  • Russ Pankonin, Imperial
  • Chris Rhoades, Blair
  • Jason Sturek, Pender
  • Amy Johnson, Springview
  • Laura Beahm, Hastings Tribune

To research, develop, obtain, purchase, lease or borrow technical equipment for use by NPA/NPAS, either in the office or out in the field for educational training or enhancement of the newspaper industry and profession.

Training Institute:

  • Violet Kirk (NPAS)

Develop, arrange and conduct training programs for working journalists to provide for improvement of writing, editing, design and other skills involved in newspaper publication.

Marketing Committee:

  • Tory Duncan, Sutton
  • Vicki Hrabanek, Norfolk
  • Peggy Year, Hartington
  • Rob Dump, Hartington
  • Vincent Laboy, Fremont/Columbus/David City/Schuyler
  • Maddie Elder, Grand Island
  • Violet Spader (OnePress)

Plan, arrange and carry out educational or training events as deemed appropriate, oversee the operation of NCAN and 2×2 Display Network, recommend to the board of directors any policy, program or activity deemed beneficial to newspaper advertising in the state.

Building Committee

  • Russ Pankonin, Imperial (CHAIR)
  • Tory Duncan, Sutton
  • Rob Dump, Hartington
  • Mark Rhoades, Blair
  • Terrie Baker, Grand Island
  • Deb McCaslin, Broken Bow

Consider building maintenance, appraisals, leasing of space (parking lot, extra office space), general building repair, Historic District obligations, considerations involving sale or lease of property, general building insurance coverage.